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Getting Informed About Aluminum Scrap Metal Prices

Budget Bin - Tuesday, September 15, 2015
Over the past year the sales of scrap metal has slowed down due to the status of the Chinese economy. As scrap metal was a big purchase by China with its fast growing economy, these days the country faces a much slower growth that has made them pull back on outside purchases, particularly scrap metal. Keeping informed about scrap metal prices will alert you when is a good time to start selling again. 

Non-ferrous metals include tin, zinc, bronze aluminum and copper to name a few. These also have gone down in pricing. Selling scrap metal to salvage yards use to be simple and easy, but things have changed due to the slow down of the Chinese economy. Iron was a very popular scrap metal that was going for $160 per ton, but yards are only taking this metal for recycling purposes. Overall, scrap metal prices has gone down by 22.6 percent from last year. 

Copper ranges from .10 cents to 1.58 per pound. Aluminum sells for .55 cents to .93 cents per pound. Prices continue to change as they depend heavily on the market conditions. Brass can be a little more per pound starting at .65 cents to 1.12 dollars. Keeping updated with which scrap metal sells for more will help you determine which metal is worth selling to get the most out of the product. 

Budget Environmental is a leader in the scrap metal recycling field in the Southern Ontario region.  You can find an up to date scrap metal pricing ticker online  For more information call us today at (877) 217-2697.

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